Williams v. Apple Inc.

Case No. 19-cv-04700-LB

United States District Court for the Northern District of California

IF YOU SUBMITTED A PAYMENT METHOD ELECTION ON THIS WEBSITE PRIOR TO THE DEADLINE: Your settlement payment will be issued based on the option you selected.

IF YOU DID NOT SUBMIT A PAYMENT METHOD ELECTION AND ARE A CURRENT ICLOUD SUBSCRIPTION ACCOUNT HOLDER: Your settlement payment will be issued in the form of a credit to your bill for monthly subscription charges in November or December 2022, depending on your billing cycle.

IF YOU DID NOT SUBMIT A PAYMENT METHOD ELECTION AND ARE NOT A CURRENT ICLOUD SUBSCRIPTION ACCOUNT HOLDER: Your settlement payment will be issued in the form of a check mailed to the address associated with your former iCloud subscription account.

Settlement payments began on December 8, 2022. Due to the number of payments being issued, they are being sent on a rolling basis and are expected to be completed no later than February 28, 2023. The checks will be mailed in the form of a postcard check. Please allow up to 45 days or until February 20, 2023, for the US Postal Service to deliver these checks before submitting your reissue request. If you end up receiving and depositing your settlement check after submitting a check reissue request, we will automatically cancel your request. You do no need to request cancellation.

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